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    Dr. Yryna Borysenko

    Position: Head of the Obstetric Hospital, Obstetrician and Gynecologist of the highest category.

    Degree: MD.

    Professional experience: 37 years.

    Languages: Russian, Ukrainian.

    Professional Skill:

    • Physiological childbirth
    • Complicated labor
    • All types of urgent surgical delivery (cesarean section, vacuum extraction of the fetus, the application of obstetric forceps)
    • Breech delivery
    • Birth with a scar on the uterus through the natural birth canal
    • Extirpation of the uterus in obstetrics
    • Urgent gynecological surgery
    • RDV (separate diagnostic curettage)
    • IUD placement, obstetric pessary
    • Suturing of the cervix for ICI (isthmic-cervical insufficiency)
    • Treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease
    • Pregravid preparation
    • Contraception counseling
    • Pregnancy management


    • 1978-1984 – Bogomolets National Medical University
    • 2006 –  Courses of thematic improvement based on NMAPO im. P. L. Shupika “Effective help during pregnancy and childbirth.”
    • 2012 –  Courses of thematic improvement based on N.N. A.A. Bogomolets with a degree in Health Care Organization and Management
    • 2013 –  Courses of thematic improvement based on NMAPO im. PL Shupika “Modern methods of hemostasis in obstetrics and gynecology”
    • 2015 – Technical University based on N.M. PL Shupik “Emergency care and intensive care in obstetrics and gynecology.”
    • 2020 – Symposium UARM “Theory and practice of human reproduction”
    • 2020 – Conference “Modern aspects of obstetric anesthesiology”
    • She regularly attends conferences on obstetrics and gynecology

    Professional experience:

    • 1984 – Doctor obstetrician-gynecologist at Kyiv city maternity hospital № 1
    • 1998 – 2020 – Head of the obstetric department of the Kyiv city maternity hospital №1

    Training, courses, and conferences participation:



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