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In our times the success of infertility treatment lies not only and not much in pregnancy itself, but in delivery of a healthy child by a healthy woman after a troublefree pregnancy.

We carry out work of pregnancy follow-up after IVF.

Induced pregnancy is related to the high-risk group and there is a complex of measures aimed at preventing, one of the most important components of such which is genetic counseling including medical-genetic and pre-natal examinations, biochemical screening and ultrasonic examination of fetal development. Not the least component of such complex approach of healthcare is emotional support and sincere care of our patient‘s physical, psychological and social health during whole pregnancy term. It is very important for our patients that the delivery can be carried out in our Maternity House - ADONIS.

Why birth in ADONIS?


We created a dedicated team of highly experienced experts from the best Ukrainian perinatal centers


We implemented the system of a strict control over infections at all stages of your stay


A pregnant, woman in labour, mother and her newborn stay at a 24-hour Obstetric Unit under professional medical supervision


Comfort Class and Comfort Plus Class private wards are equipped with everything necessary for the mother and her newborn

ADONIS Maternity hospital: comprehensive care for the mother and her newborn baby

  • Delivery with the partner
  • Modern delivery rooms with up-to-date medical equipment, beds, transformers for the whole range of delivery positions
  • A smart design of our operation theatre allows for the first «skin-to-skin» contact between a newborn and a farther/partner
  • Intensive Care Unit is ready to provide professional medical care for the mother and newborn.
  • Medical team on duty consists of obstetrician and gynecologists, neonatologists, anesthetists, midwives, child nurses, and nurse anesthetists
  • А woman in labor may conclude an additional contract for delivery with the selected physician
  • 4-time balanced diet food for the mother and her family.
    Consultations on breastfeeding, postpartum contraception, care of the newborn, psychological support
  • Consultations of a General Practitioner, Cardiologist, and other specialists
  • Obstetrician and gynecologists, neonatologists provide daily examination and counseling for the mother and newborn.
  • There is a Сomplicated Pregnancies Unit. Here pregnants can get comprehensive medical help.
  • Future mother signs informed consent after detailed counseling provided by her doctor
  • Supervision of the newborn and postpartum counseling of the mother after discharge from hospital.
  • Own clinical diagnostic laboratory in accordance with European quality standards. A wide range of tests for the whole family.

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