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IVF is the most effective method for treatment of anykind of infertility:

  • the only way to get pregnant for women with no or obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
  • donation of gametes in IVF cycle allows women pregnancy with the absence of their own eggs or sexual partner;
  • ICSI enables overcoming a severe male factor;
  • method is effective in disorders of growth and maturation of eggs.

Do you have behind the repeated attempts to treat infertility, long procedures of delivery of analyzes and other examinations with negative results for the presence of the pregnancy?

Unfortunately, more and more couples (especially young ones) face problems with impossibility of conceiving a healthy baby.The reasons may be various factors — from diseases to congenital anomalies of organs of the reproductive system in both men and women).In case of infertility in couples with appropriate medical indications, fertility specialists of ADONIS clinics may offer to use a modern method of assisted reproduction — in vitro fertilization (fertilization in vitro or IVF).

Why is it worth to go to Adonis clinics?

individual treatment plan

for each couple, we are developing the infertility treatment course that is the most effective

personal fertility specialist

assigned to each couple for optimal quick solution of all organizational and medical issues in the clinic before giving birth

professional fertility specialists

with years of experience, they hold consultations with colleagues from leading European centers

up-to-datelaboratory andoperating room

for performance of all the required procedures of proper quality

Preparation to IVF (extracorporal fertilization) program

Prior to in vitro fertilization IVF, the couple shall pass all the required tests on the results of which the fertility specialist receives all the required information — from possible presence of contraindications to overall readiness of organism to IVF. Among the most required procedures:

  • complete blood cell count (including determination of Rh factor, hormonal blood tests, test for presence of antibodies to certain infections, etc.);
  • consultation and testing by gynecologist (includes taking a swab from the vagina wall, cytological analysis of scraping from the cervix);
  • ultrasound testing of pelvic organs;
  • general blood cell count in men, Rh factor, HIV tests, hepatitis B and C;
  • spermogram.

Extracorporal fertilization procedure in ADONIS

The whole (complete) in vitro fertilization cycle takes place in several stages.The main ones are the following:

1.Superovulation induction

The most safe, highly purified or recombinant drugs are used for superovulation induction in ADONIS clinic.

Superovulation is the process of maturation of a single follicle in the ovary (usually -fertility specialists achieve maturation of 7-12 follicles at once which is optimal for successful IVF). Superovulation induction passes for 7-14 days depending on the individual readings of each patient.

2. Ovary follicular puncture

It occurs after the final maturation of follicles while ultrasound testing. We use intravenous anesthesia during the procedure. At the same time, the patient is sleeping peacefully and painlessly. Contents of ovarian follicles are removed with the ripe eggs.

3. Embryology procedure in IVF

After final maturation of eggs removed from follicles, each of them is injected with sperm by ICSI method. Then, within a few days the embryos formed after fertilization are cultivated in embryo box ADONIS.Fertility specialist detects 1 or 2 best embryos and prepares them for transfer to the uterine cavity of the patient. If successfully fertilized cells more than required for one transfer, we also offer embryo cryopreservation procedure in order to, if required, repeat the procedure of embryo transfer in the future again.It will be possible to «plant» almost ready embryos. The ability to develop will not change after thawing.

4. Embryo transfer into the uterine cavity of a woman

Embryo transfer takes place while UT without any pain for the woman. Actual duration of the procedure is about 5 minutes.

5. Testing for pregnancy

In the clinic, the patient passes blood count analysis of a special type (presence in the blood of human chorionic gonadotropin hCG) which suggests the occurrence of a long-awaited pregnancy. This procedure is carried out in 2 weeks (14 calendar days) after the embryonic transfer. If the results are «positive» it means that you are pregnant!

A week after passing the test for hCG, the fertility specialist confirms pregnancy by ultrasound testing of pelvic organs.

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