IVF + ICSI program with sperm donation

Price: 5550 USD (with medicines)

Success rate:

  • all ages34%

We can deal with:



Egg donation


Cryo cycles


Pregnancy care after IVF

Maternity hospital

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Initial consultation with ADONIS FAMILY reproductive health specialist (personal doctor and medical coordinator who will be in constant contact with you at all stages of your treatment).

·         Personalized treatment planning for each patient.

·         Cryopreservation of sperm and storage up to 2 months.

·         Medical supply for stimulation of superovulation .

·         Ultrasound monitoring of ovarian stimulation.

·         Oocyte retrieval under intravenous anesthesia.

·         Sperm preparation.

·         Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) - if required.

·         Embryo cultivation till the blastocyst stage (by needs).

·         Embryo transfer.

·         Detailed embryological development report and photo of transferred embryos.

·         Laboratory (hCG) and Ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy.

·         Assistance with visa applications (invitation letter from clinic), hotel and travel arrangements.

·         Patient support during and after the treatment program.

Additional services:

  • Examination of Woman before IVF
  • Vitrification of embryos
  • Additional cryothek  (*quantity of embryos=quantity of cryotheks)
  • Storage of embryos  (1 year) 
  • Cryoprogram (transfer of thawed embryos, cost of medicines for endometrium preparing included)

Types of PGD:

  • PGD (5 chromosomes: 13,18,21,X,Y)
  • PGD (9 chromosomes:13,15,16,17,18,21,22,X,Y)
  • PGD (24 chromosomes), quantity of embryos - up to 8
  • PGD (24 chromosomes), for each additional embryo over 8

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