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Intrauterine insemination (or IUI) is an effective and safe way to get long-awaited happiness — the happiness of motherhood and to overcome infertility.

Nature given ability to have children, unfortunately, available not to every married couple due to a lot of abnormalities of the reproductive system of both women and men. But thanks to the recent advances in modern medicine, overcoming of infertility has become a reality. As a result, couples appeared in seemingly completely hopeless situation, have the opportunity to give birth to own healthy baby.


Why is it worth to go to Adonis clinics?

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for each couple, we are developing the infertility treatment course that is the most effective

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assigned to each couple for optimal quick solution of all organizational and medical issues in the clinic before giving birth

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with years of experience, they hold consultations with colleagues from leading European centers

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for performance of all the required procedures of proper quality

What is intrauterine insemination IUI?

Intrauterine insemination is a procedure of assisted reproduction which is one of the most successful ways of infertility treatment. Its essence is to put specially treated seminal fluid (from a donor or partner) in the woman’s uterus. Intrauterine insemination procedure is performed during ovulation, so the likelihood of long-awaited conception is very high.

When intrauterine insemination is required?

Use of donor sperm:

  • complete male infertility (complete absence of sperm);
  • rhesusconflict;
  • women without husband or partner who wants to have children


Use of partner sperm:

  • vaginismusinpatient;
  • anatomical and physiological characteristics of cervix preventing sperm penetration;
  • immune incompatibility at which the sperm dies before reaching the uterus in self-conception.

Preparation to intrauterine insemination

  • examination of couple (or woman);
  • preparation of ejaculate by its purification from low-active sperm as well as its enrichment with agents that increase the probability of successful fertilization of the egg;
  • selection of donor sperm according to the desires of patients and test results (appearance, age, blood type, Rh factor, etc.);
  • obligatory elimination of the patient pathologies identified while diagnosis and preventing normal fertility in terms of intrauterine insemination;
  • relief of chronic diseases;
  • ovulatory cycle control as well as further ovulation induction (if required).


Intrauterine insemination procedure in ADONIS clinic

IUI procedure is assigned during the active patient ovulation when the egg is ready to the process of fertilization.Embryologist of ADONIS clinics selects a portion of pre-treated and activated sperm to a special apparatus.Note that usage of frozen sperm requires its pre-heating to body temperature. Not later than two hours after the preparation, the seminal fluid  is delivered into the uterus using a special catheter.

The entire procedure is performed by experienced fertility specialists with wide experience, using only sterile materials which eliminate the risk of infection.

Upon the expiration of 14 days after IUI, the patient is prescribed the required laboratory and hardware studies to confirm the pregnancy.

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