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Invitro fertilization, auxiliary fertilization (EF) under ICSI procedure is one of the most effective treatments in case of male infertility. ICSI allows couples to be happy to have a healthy child even with such complex interventions as the removal of one testicle, lack of ejaculatory canals and others.

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What is the difference between ICSI and IVF?

The main difference between ICSI and general in vitro fertilization program is in the use of a single sperm to fertilize each egg. While preparation for ICSI, it is required to take into account main stages of IVF but in order to guarantee the sperm penetration into the egg, the embryologist shall use a special ultra-thin glass needle which is easily penetrates into the cytoplasm of the egg.

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI in ADONIS

First, the embryologist selects a sperm that is suitable in part of structure and activity and then immobilizes it. Then, the sperm is placed into special micro-needle and injected into the egg.This completely eliminates the possibility of oocyte (egg) damage.The more experienced and professional the fertility specialist and embryologist, the higher the probability of success in the treatment and in pregnancy respectively.


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