Surrogacy Programs: $20,990.00 USD

Financial payments to SM are an additional – $18,400.00 USD


Reproductive medicine specialist, obstetrician-gynecologist, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics, Dr. Iryna Babenko, MD, says:
“The most precious jewelry on the woman’s neck is the child’s hands hugging her!”
Reproductive medicine specialist, obstetrician-gynecologist, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics, Dr. Yuliia Kochet, MD, says:
“The main interest is to do your work at the highest quality level.”

Reproduction Biologists  and Embryologists of the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY are ready to devote all knowledge, capabilities and experience to achieve a successful pregnancy and birth.  Our  Surrogacy Program has successfully operated since 2012. Programs with the participation of Surrogate mother can be provided  in the territory of Ukraine for officially married heterosexual couples (man and woman).

Gestational surrogacy in Ukraine is fully legalized and allowed under the following conditions:

  1. Medical indications of woman for the program.
  2. Properly executed documents required for the SM program.
  3. Spouses (or one of the expectant parents) must have a genetic connection with the child.
  4. A surrogate mother must not have genetic connection with the child.

According to Ukrainian law, it is also permitted to carry pregnancy by close relatives of future parents. An adult capable woman can become a surrogate mother if she has her own healthy child and there are no medical contraindications. Biological parents are the parents of the child and only they receive the rights for the baby (the surrogate mother has no rights  to the baby).

Success Rate of IVF Programs in Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY

 (data of the first half of 2018):




Surrogacy with sperm donation


Surrogacy with egg donation

The main goal of the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY is to make your dreams come true. We  do  everything to help our  patients from all over the world to gain parental happiness!

Surrogacy Program Algorithm

Initially, the couple is approved by a Reproduction Biologist of the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY based upon  the woman’s medical indications for the SM Program.  Our lawyers confirm patients’ citizenship, to  make sure that our patients will not have difficulties or delays in registering the baby.

The next step is the  signing of Coordination Agreement of the Program and selection of SM by our trusted partner, the Fertility Solutions Agency. Two SM’ candidates’ profiles will be provided for our patients to choose. As soon as SM is chosen, Coordinators of the International Department of Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY will plan the  patients’ visit.

Reproduction Biologists of the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY prescribes an individual treatment plan for patients and a list of necessary medical examinations. During the first visit, patients get acquainted  with their SM, sign all the necessary documents and provide  their biological information.   Based on the results of the IVF program, and the SM passes a HCG blood test, and after  a positive result, the pregnancy   of the SM can be    confirmed by ultrasound examination. SM’ Prenatal Care is carried out by Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY. Ultrasound results, videos and photos of the fetus are provided to patients. Patients always informed at  each  stage and all  news during Surrogacy 

The next visit of the couple is before their baby’s birth, date and duration of stay depends on the patient’s citizenship and the requirements of their embassy.

All SM programs are carried out under the strict supervision of our coordinators, lawyers and experts.
We make sure that patients always feel very close to their future baby  to experience the pregnancy personally.
Please contact us for more information about SM Program. We are always happy to help you!


We will fill your life with a new meaning!