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Hello Anna,

Thank you for meeting my wife and I during our trip to Ukraine last week. It was truly a pleasure meeting you and your colleagues.

We wanted to express sincere thanks to you for being so helpful for our family needs for a baby. Your sense of cultural sensitivity, client care, attention to detail and responsiveness are exceptional. After meeting you, we did not have to go to any other clinic. My wife and I came to Ukraine originally to just decide whether or not we will have a child through Surrogacy in Ukraine. However, after working with you over the past week, we felt very assured to have our baby through surrogacy through your clinic and we are comfortable and happy that we and our future baby are in your caring hands. With your client relationship skills and communication, you are leading Adonis clinic exceptionally, and we are so glad to be working with you. Please thank your Director, and the Doctors also for helping us with this most important phase of our life.

Once I am back in Toronto, I will also share my positive experience for any referrals/ testimonials since there are many people who are looking for such help from such professionals like you.

Thanks and best regards,


Dear Tetiana,
from the depth of my heart I wish to thank you all for  the continuous assistance and care supplied to me during this “adventure” as well as for the affectionate wishes contained in your prompt answer !

The great news I wanted to give you all is that due to an inconvenience, I had in advance the baby (at the beginning of the 36 wk) : a fantastic female! All OK, she is healthy!

In particular, I am deeply grateful to Doctor Nataliia Vladikina, to Doc. Margarita and the medical team who did any effort to render this miracle… possible (with the direction of God Almight, in my opinion…).

Sincerely ,

E. B.

Hi Dear ones,
This is with immense pleasure and happiness to write a note to thank you Adonis Team for the wonderful work that they have done for my family.
This is the opportunity we were seeking to have a child and exploring the world for it. I researched all the resources and came to a conclusion that Adonis Family Clinic would be the best. Now it has been proven that Adonis Team is the best as we have twin boys born to us very successfully. They are four months young, happy and healthy now.
I am highly grateful to the efforts and dedicated work of medical team, legal team and administrative team for their professional support in this matter. We found all the members of medical team to be very professional, humble and supportive to us during our stay at Adonis Maternity House in Busova.
Legal team work and their support was more than commendable. It was a very pleasant experience to work closely with them. Administrative team was very informative and helpful in all matters to help us with various transitional activities. Their personal support was very kind and helpful. Kitchen staff and food was great at maternity house. All the Adonis premises were kept clean and hygienic at all times.
Last but not the least, our surrogate mother is an excellent, healthy and a happy person. God bless her with great successes in her life. She has done a wonderful job for us.
At the end, it was an excellent Adonis Clinic co-ordination of activities between parents, hospital staff and surrogate mother for the successful birth of our babies. We highly enjoyed our stay in Kiev and visiting its great monuments, and we found the people in Kiev very humble and friendly.
We would highly recommend Adonis Clinic and its teams to any prospective parents to grow their family with healthy children.
Best Regards,
Peter and Pam


At the age of 43, I came in a bit late to the baby making process. I, as with many New York women, was a workaholic for 20 years, and the timing never seemed right to begin having a family. I began the IVF process at a larger NY institution and did two rounds of IVF trying with my own eggs. I had no problem producing eggs, but the quality was never good. On the verge of trying a 3rd round of IVF at the same institution, the protocol was going to be the same, so my gut told me not to continue there. A friend at the wonderful RESOLVE Support Group suggested I try ADONIS because of the Mini-IVF (customized minimal stimulation IVF protocol) process they do. The idea of obtaining fewer eggs but with better quality was what I needed. On the 2nd Mini-IVF™ cycle we did at NHFC, we also bought 6 donor eggs and fertilized my eggs and donor eggs all at the same time (with my husband’s sperm). Only 1 of my eggs made it to blastocyst and 4 of the donor eggs did as well. We got all 5 PGD tested (thankfully), and came to find out my egg quality was still not good. 2 of the 4 donor embryos were good and 2 were not. So we transferred a 7 day blastocyst which didn’t work, and then transferred the remaining 5 day blast which did work. I’m a very practical person, and I had my bout of sadness that I would never use my DNA to make a baby, but at the end of the day you realize you just want a healthy baby and this was my way of obtaining one. As of January 2014 we have a beautiful healthy baby boy, and I look forward to doing another donor transfer in the near future at ADONIS. For women over 40, I highly recommend ADONIS IVF Center for the kind of individualized care that they can provide.