Success rates

Success rate always depends on case to case. There are many factors that influence the success rate of infertility treatment: age factor, medical diseases, genetic set and others. In Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY Patient will have a detailed check-up to answer the question of a proper success rate due to an individual medical case.

Please, contact our doctor to clarify your success rate.

Overage success rate in Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY, 2020

IVF + ICSI (age <35)

IVF + ICSI (age 35-40)

IVF + ICSI (age >40)

Thawed embryos transfer (Cryoprotocol)

IVF + ICSI with egg donation (fresh oocytes)

IVF+ICSI with egg donation (cryo oocytes)

IVF+ICSI with Surrogate Mother

IVF+ICSI with egg donation & Surrogate mother

Transported embryos

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