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    Experts of the Pediatric Center ADONIS have created lectures, trainings and individual lessons in the project “School of Moms and Dads” for newly minted parents. When you visit “School of Moms and Dads”, you will find solutions for many situations concerning changes in the baby’s early development, familiarize yourself with the basic rules of successful breastfeeding, and receive invaluable advice on the care, hygiene and nutrition of a newborn. Our obstetrician-gynecologists, pediatric neonatologists, breastfeeding specialists, experienced psychologists and other specialists will remove all anxiety and inexperience in baby caring.

    The educational process of “School of Moms and Dads” in Pediatric Center ADONIS covers important for parents knowledge base of medicine, pedagogy, psychology and natural baby feeding.

    In “School of Moms and Dads” of Pediatric Center ADONIS you will learn:

    • hygiene and newborn care rules
    • all about lactation and benefits of breastfeeding
    • to distinguish the needs of the newborn by the notes of his crying: when the baby is hungry, asks for attention or something is bothering or hurts
    • stages and rules of complementary feeding
    • first aid for the baby in case of unforeseen situations
    • about the most common mistakes of young mothers and help with their avoidance
    • a lot of other invaluable and useful information for moms and dads.

    “School of Moms and Dads” in Pediatric Center ADONIS is the source that gives you strength and enthusiasm. In addition, you will be helped to understand and strengthen your parental intuition.

    Our program is based on the natural development of the child. The natural development corresponds to the special rhythms of the child’s life. The main mother task at this time is to promote the baby and be attentive to it. According to psychologist Evelin Kirkilionis, “… it is necessary for a baby to contact the mother’s body as much as possible during  the first months of life, since the need for this is equal to the need of protection.” Pediatric Center ADONIS fully agrees and supports this view. Visiting the «School of Moms and Dads» in our Center you will understand why it is so important. You will gain this insane happiness with joy and confidence when you see love, attention and gratitude from your baby in response to your attention, protection and love.

    We have prepared some important tips for you to avoid an anxiety feeling:

    • You really need support: find your personal experienced doctor whom you can fully trust, read the relevant books. You cannot be all the time with yourself and with your feelings, find someone with whom you could share, you will definitely feel relieved.
    • Childbirth is a feeling of endless joy. This mood is very important to feel properly. Immediately after the childbirth, set aside everything that is not related to motherhood, in order to get the full pleasure from these moments. They are unique.
    • After the birth of a baby, living past life is no longer possible: there is no 8 hours sleep, you are completely subordinate to the child, very often there is no way to determine time for ordinary things: take a shower or go shopping. At this time you can be a little sad, so try to reorganize to something pleasant. The main resource of joy is your child!

    Newly minted fathers may also need advice:

    • Imagine what kind of life you want in the future. Psychologists of the Pediatric Center ADONIS advise you to prepare a map of desires for your dreams visualization, or have a notebook where you can plan all the necessary things and record all the results of your actions.
    • Support is an important factor. Praise each other with your wife and create a positive atmosphere in the house.
    • Memorize and record child’s progress. It is important not to forget all the periods of the baby’s life, and your child will be able to contemplate in the future the most important things, what you have carefully preserved from the time about which he will have no memories.

    Of course, the happiness of motherhood can change with feelings of anxiety, if a woman is asked a lot of questions to which she does not find answers. Experts of Pediatric Center ADONIS with a great experience will help you find these answers, and you will be happy to enjoy this wonderful and unique state: happiness of motherhood and fatherhood!

    To sum up, our experienced specialists will help your family to build the most true and soulful relationship with the baby and help you to learn how to feel every moment of baby’s life. Also, you can make sure that you, as parents, are acting the right direction and get necessary advices. Specialists of the Pediatric Center ADONIS have been giving classes in “School for Moms and Dads” for 4 years. We teach responsible motherhood and fatherhood, answer all medical questions and help to cope with problems. We will be happy to help to dispel all doubts!

    We will fill your life with a new meaning!