Requirements and examination of the Sperm’ Donor

A man can become a Sperm’ Donor in the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY according to the following requirements:

  • to be from 20 to 40 years;
  • the presence of own healthy child;
  • absence of negative phenotypic and morphometric manifestations;
  • absence of somatic and hereditary diseases;
  • absence of contraindications for participation in the donation program.

At the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY, we are especially responsible and careful in selecting of sperm donors. The selection procedure of Sperm’ Donor is providing in 2 stage.

STAGE 1. Examination of a potential Sperm’ Donor.

Before becoming a Sperm’ Donor, a candidate passes all necessary examinations and tests, including HIV test, hepatitis B and C, herpes, syphilis, and other sexually transmitted diseases. Then, Sperm’ Donor candidate is examined by different specialists — geneticist, urologist, therapist and psychiatrist.

At the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY, all Sperm’ Donors pass genetic examination: to determine the karyotype and the DNA diagnostics of mucoviscidosis.



STAGE 2. Quarantine with freezing of Donor’s sperm.

Donor’s sperm must pass a period of quarantine. This procedure is necessary to completely exclude the presence of infections in biological material. If, after a period of quarantine, the test for infection is negative, the sperm can be used for reproductive medicine.

A detailed description of each candidate will help you to choose sperm donor. Each Donor passes several stages of selection, including filling in a detailed profile.



Donation Department’ Coordinators will select the ideal Sperm’ Donor for you who will meet all your wishes and phenotypic characteristics. In Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY, you can select Sperm’ Donor by the following criteria:
  • blood type;
  • growth;
  • hair color;
  • eye color;
  • and other features

There are no waiting list, all candidates are ready to join the donation program immediately!