Recommendations for newborn’ care and feeding

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    Child care questions were and are important for parents at all times. Much time has passed and more than one generation was born. Very often, during the appointment with the mothers of our young patients, strange useless and harmful tips on baby caring are heard. Food, baby hygiene, comfortable living conditions of the child is the basis of public health.

    Baby feeding

    The best kind of baby feeding up to 6 months is only breastfeeding. There is no physiological need to give the baby additional liquid, like water, tea, juice or decoction. Complementary food should be added baby after six months in accordance with the needs of the baby.

    After feeding, you also need to wash off the remnants of food from the face of the baby.


    Baby hygiene

    Basic hygiene procedures for the baby: daily bathing, facial skin care, eye / ear care, girls and boys rinsing, use of disposable diapers (they help keep the baby’s skin more dry and comfortable). You need constantly maintain hygiene. After each bowel movement, you need to  the baby.

    The microflora of the baby’s skin, good care and cleanliness in everything that surrounds the child is the key to a good skin condition in the future.


    Walking with baby

    Walking in the fresh air tempers your baby. The organism of the baby is saturated with oxygen under the action of ultraviolet. The golden rule of the kid’s wardrobe: dress the child like yourself +1 more layer of baby clothes is necessary. Time of walks depends on the time of year. The child’s clothes should be neither cold nor hot. It is necessary to dress the child to have an opportunity to remove something in case the child feels hot. If it is cold outside, take an extra blanket with you to cover the baby if necessary. In case the baby is already walking with feet, wear comfortable clothes that will not restrain his movement. If it is very hot outside, it is better to walk with children in the morning or in the evening.

    It is recommended to walk up to two hours twice a day in spring and autumn. In winter and summer, depending on the temperature (but not lower than -10), spend 6-8 hours in the open air (as the temperature outside and in the room is not particularly different).

    Comfortable conditions in the baby’s room

    It is important to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room. The optimum temperature is 20-22 degrees Celsius (22-24 degrees in the winter). During sleep — no higher than 22 degrees.

    If the child was born prematurely, the temperature in the room should be 24-25 degrees Celsius. The optimum humidity in the room is 50%.

    If the room is hot, the baby can be dressed only in panties. If it is cool — sliders, warm vest, socks. If the room has dry air, you need to purchase a humidifier. Also, you should avoid drafts. In summer you can bathe your baby several times a day.

    Nail care

    Do not forget to cut the nails of a baby. The baby’s nails grow quickly, so they need to be trimmed regularly.

    Nose care

    For the nose care, drops based on sea water are best suited. For this, it is desirable to drip 1-2 drops of the remedy in each nostril every morning.

    Ear care

    The baby needs to clean the ear only from the outer side. It is necessary to use wadded disks, previously moistened with water.

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