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    We will fill your life with a new meaning!

    Obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive medicine specialist, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics, Dr. Olha Chervotkina, MD, says:

    "There are no small things in diagnosis and treatments, I have an individual approach to each patient"

    Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY provides Prenatal Care services from 1997 year. Our locations are in different regions of Kiev, that makes comfortable and easily accessible for every pregnant women. Pregnancy is so tender period, and we care to make this period the best in women’s life. Our doctors deeply understand that being pregnant is a special time in woman’s life. Qualified care and delicate attention to mother and her baby are extremely important from the beginning of the pregnancy to its happy ending.

    Prenatal Care Programs of Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY are created to ensure that the most important event in your life will pass safely and with minimal risk. Programs include all the necessary examinations, consultations and analyses. Our experienced and responsible specialists will help you to cope with nervousness, malaises and to prevent possible complications as well. You have the possibility to start the program since first, second or third trimesters of pregnancy. Our Patient can choose doctor she likes – we have more than enough obstetrician-gynecologists, who will be happy to care and support the pregnancy during such a happy 9 months! 

    We will be happy to help take care of you and your “double happiness” in cases of twins. Especially for this, experts of Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY have developed a package of proposals for each pregnant women, depending on the wishes, the period of pregnancy and the number of fetuses.
    We believe, that it is better to watch out in advance than provide treatment of consequences. That’s why we are very strict to the list of examinations of our Patients and results of examinations accordingly. Using Prenatal Care Program in Medical Center ADONIS Patient will get an expanded list of surveys stipulated by the Ukrainian Law as we supplemented the list with more frequent and deeply medical examination of pregnant woman.




    Prenatal Care Programs in Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY:

    • Designed for women who applied to ADONIS from 6-12 weeks, from 20 and from 28 weeks of pregnancy
    • Comply with modern protocols and principles of evidence-based medicine
    • Accompanied by all necessary medical documents (exchange card, sick leave (if necessary))
    • Take into account the peculiarities of pregnancy of any complexity, including pregnancy after IVF and other methods of treatment of infertility
    • Include free attendance at responsible maternity school
    • Provide flexible pricing and loyalty program for ADONIS patients

    We do everything possible to make each moments of pregnancy pleasant and unforgettable: Patient will be freely provided with in each photo and video of their fetus immediately after ultrasound examination in our Medical Center. Movements and sounds of heartbeat including 3D format, will be shown and sounded to the Pregnant woman during ultrasound examination at Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY. Our doctor will show and explain to Patient each millimeter shown in the monitor during ultrasound examination. We will do all the best to make Patient feels comfortable, safe and harmonious.

    Prenatal Care Packages of Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY:


    WAITING FOR BABY (since the 20th weeks of pregnancy)

    We will fill your life with a new meaning!