Donation Programs starts from $5,041.00 USD

Eggs and Sperm Donation

Deputy Chief Doctor, Chief of Reproductive Health Department, reproductive medicine specialist, obstetrician-gynecologist, geneticist, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics, Dr. Nataliia Vladykina, MD, says:
"There are no absolute infertility"
Reproductive medicine specialist, obstetrician-gynecologist, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics, Dr. Iryna Babenko, MD, says:
“The most precious jewelry on the woman’s neck is the child’s hands hugging her!”
Reproductive medicine specialist, obstetrician-gynecologist, specialist in ultrasound diagnostics, Dr. Yuliia Kochet, MD, says:
“The main interest is to do your work at the highest quality level.”

Reproduction Biologists and embryologists of the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY are ready to devote all knowledge, capabilities and experience - to make  the dream of a  birth a reality!   Since in some cases a successful  pregnancy in patients is possible only with the use of oocytes or donor sperm -  the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY Donation Programs  insures many women can get the desired pregnancy and a healthy child.

According to Ukrainian Law infertility treatment with using donor material is allowed only under specific medical indications. Donation is anonymous in Ukraine.

All donor material is properly processed and stored in a special  Cryobank in the embryology laboratory of the Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY. At Medical Center, each candidate for Egg Donor passes a strict medical examination in addition to the requirements of Ukrainian law. A multifaceted mix of genes of Ukrainian women provides a healthy set of genetics. Due to this, the phenotype of Ukrainian donors is absolutely universal and, therefore, can be used absolutely for each  patient. All donors are young, physically and psychologically healthy women and men, without  unhealthy  and have at least one healthy child.

Donation Department Coordinator of MC ADONIS FAMILY will help you to choose the ideal donor that will meet all your wishes and be as close to what you want based on your phenotypic characteristics.

At our Medical Center, you can select Egg Donor by the following criteria:

  • Blood type;
  • height;
  • hair color;
  • eyes color;
  • other wishes.

There are  no waiting list, and we have donors  ready to  participate in the  program.

Success Rate of IVF Programs in Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY

 (data of the first half of 2018):


IVF + ICSI with egg donation


IVF + ICSI with sperm donation

Price includes:

  • Selection of the Donor
  • Translation of Patients` documents for Medical Center (passports, marriage certificate)
  • Coordination Services of Donation Program
  • Eggs donation and / or Sperm donation
  • Induction of superovulation with medicines
  • Preparing of endometrium of patient with medicines cost
  • Transvaginal ovarian puncture (TVP)
  • Consultation of anesthesiologist and intravenous anesthesia
  • Preparation of sperm
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Cultivation of embryos
  • Embryos transfer

When contacting Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY, you can be sure that we will do everything possible to achieve a successful pregnancy! 


We will fill your life with a new meaning!