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    ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center is glad to offer collaborative partnership terms in the ART field of medical tourism for DOCTORS, CLINICS, EGG BANKS, FERTILITY AGENCIES.

    ADONIS Medical Group of Companies cares about families’ health for over 22 years, providing the best services for our Ukrainian and foreign Patients. We have developed a productive network of cooperation with clinics and agencies from around the world. Our clinic had been approved not only by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health but also by the Israel Ministry of Health, along with our embryo laboratory had been approved by FDA.


    We aim to achieve the potential benefits of our partnership and we are ready to offer you few types of cooperation projects.


    Delivery of cryopreserved Donor’s eggs for further infertility treatment

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    We can offer you to provide your Patients, who require participation in Eggs Donation program with Donor’s cryopreserved eggs, which we can ship from ADONIS FAMILY to your clinic. Transfer of cryopreserved biological material for further infertility treatment is more than legal. Our medical team has extensive experience in preparing and managing such projects and will take charge of every stage of the process. Our own Egg Donor database includes a wide variety of Egg Donor profiles, each extensively screened on a number of important criteria. Our medical staff strives to make a process of selecting an Egg Donor as easy and comfortable as possible. To become an Egg Donor, each candidate has to pass not only obligatory medical examination according to Ukrainian law, but also genetic tests according to the high standards of ADONIS FAMILY: karyotype, DNA diagnosis of cystic fibrosis, DNA diagnostics, syndrome Martin-Bell or fragile X-chromosome etc.

    Delivery of cryopreserved embryos (blastocyst stage) for further infertility treatment (in case “fresh” eggs donation is needed)

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    Your Patients with indications for Eggs Donation can start obligatory examinations at your clinic and send us cryopreserved sperm of husband (partner). We will select the Egg Donor for the Patients and provide fertilization of Donor’s Eggs with the sperm of the Patient, cultivate embryos till blastocyst stage and send cryopreserved embryos back to your clinic. In this case your Patients will fully undergo IVF treatment in your clinic without leaving their country.

    Perform a full or partial cycles of treatment of patients

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    Women can undergo part of IVF treatment in clinic at placeo f her residence (examinations, preparing of endometrium) and come to ADONIS FAMILY for embryos transfer only. This type of program has been successfully implemented in our clinic over the years. We cooperate with the best reproductive specialists from other countries, who work side by side with our medical team to achieve desired result - pregnancies of their Patients. Such international collaboration can also involve joint engagement in scientific work and medical conferences, as we are very interested in effective medical cooperation.

    Surrogacy treatment

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    For the Patients, who can become parents only through Surrogacy, our clinic can also offer relevant programs. Infertility treatment through Surrogacy is legal in Ukraine as well, although there are some obligatory requirements: the presence of strict medical indications; couple has to be officially married; baby has to be genetically connected with one of the parents at least. We have our own agency to provide all non-medical services during Surrogacy programs: selection of Surrogate Mother and Egg Donor (if needed), assistance of personal patient coordinators during the entire program, who also provides translation services, legal support and registration of newborn babies. Our lawyers are surrogacy law specialists, they always research details of registration of newborn baby at the Embassy of Patients’ country of origin while starting preparation for Surrogacy program.

    WHY US?

    • Experienced in successfull international collaboration projects
    • Over 50% of all cycles in ADONIS FAMILY Medical Center are performed for foreign patients
    • Huge and costantly growing database of Egg Donors
    • High pregnancy rate

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    As soon as you fill the form our manager will contact you to provide with more detailed information about relevant projects, as well as the answer to all your possible questions.

    We are wide open for new partnerships and will be glad to discuss all the possibilities and realize collaborative projects to be the most satisfying and profitable for all participants.

    We will be glad to meet with managers, reproductive health specialists and embryologists at our clinic, discuss standards of our work, show our embryo laboratory, surgery rooms, etc, and of course approve the conditions and patient care protocols.

    We are always open for suggestions and highly appreciate your initiatives!

    We will fill your life with a new meaning!