Diagnostics of newborn

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    In Maternity Hospital ADONIS newborn can receive all necessary medical help and support:

    • Presence of physician-neonatologist at delivery.
    • Provision of primary resuscitation to newborn (if necessary).
    • Daily review of newborn by pediatrician-neonatologist.
    • Teaching the mother of child care rules.
    • Stay of mother and child in a room for mother and child co-stay in the absence of contraindications on both sides.
    • Conducting of patient consultation for breastfeeding.
    • Screening to the exclusion of hereditary metabolic diseases.
    • Ultrasonic diagnostics (conducted in case of medical indications): neurosonography, heart ultrasound, kidney ultrasound.
    • Conducting pulse oximetry to detect critical birth defects.
    • Conduct of phototherapy (on medical indications).
    • Conducting laboratory studies.
    • Newborn 24/7 care, if mother and child co-stay is impossible due to health of delivered woman (medical contraindications).

    Maternity Hospital ADONIS provides necessary medical care to newborns requiring resuscitation, intensive therapy or intensive supervision for medical reasons. Newborn  can stay in intensive care ward for newborns in case of deviations from physiological course of early neonatal period (asphyxia at birth, hemolytic disease of the newborns, prematurity, etc.). Consultations of other specialists is conducted to a newborn child in case of on medical indications or surgical pathology. We carry out the transportation of a child to a specialized health facility by calling mobile neonatal team of such institution. Term of child’s stay in the Maternity Hospital ADONIS is the term of mother’s (Patient’s) stay. Usually, child is discharged from obstetric hospital after delivery on the 3rd day and on the 5th day in case of C-section.  Longer stay of child is possible in case of medical indications.

    After discharge of a child from the Maternity Hospital ADONIS – Parents can start their pediatrician care for a newborn at our Pediatric Center where our Pediatricians, Certified Professionals, Registered Nurses and Physicians will provide quality medical care, help and support to a new family!

    We will fill your life with a new meaning!