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    Getting to the Heart of Fertility Journey

    ADONIS organizes webinars for the awareness of the people who are undergoing Infertility treatment now or just at the start of this journey.   

    Our guest during the “Getting to the Heart of Fertility Journey” webinar is one of the important parts of  ADONIS Fertility International in the USA, ADONIS Deputy Director Amy Lester. 

    ADONIS clinics basis

    ADONIS Medical Group is the largest private medical operation in Ukraine. 

    ADONIS Fertility International is the part of ADONIS Medical Group of Companies, which is located in the USA for informational support, care and cooperation of our foreign clients. 

    ADONIS it’s not just Assisted Reproductive Technology, we have over 66 specialities. ADONIS ‘own technological basis provides all required services in house — embryo laboratory, fertility clinic, pregnancy observation and Maternity hospitals, Children’s hospital, and it’s not a complete list. 

    Amy Lester has a long-time medical experience, and we have so much to talk about with her. 

    “Amy, how long have you been in Fertility? What is your experience?”

    “I have been in Fertility since last year, and it really changed me. The main thing that encourages us is the power of our clients. Our team works with a lot of people — they have different stories and tough moments, but their Fertility journey is absolutely unique. 

    Families who are experiencing IVF or Surrogacy overseas — they have courage to keep going towards the main dream of having a baby. It is really inspiring.”

    “Yes, that’s true. Thank you for your openness. 

    Infertility treatment process can be really difficult, and with different emotions. It’s not just a job for you, right?”

    “Absolutely. Surrogates, pregnancies and babies coming have their own schedule — you need to be adaptive and be supportive any time of the day. It’s really important to provide special attention and help to the Intended parents, our Surrogates and the team in Kyiv — it can be really stressful. It is an unbelievable journey — and none of us can do it by ourselves, it’s our mission.”

    “I know you have made a lot of helpful improvements for the whole team, even within this short period. Tell us about the main checkpoints in Infertility treatment? Especially for our patients’ awareness.”

    “I guess that the main important checkpoint is to ask questions, even the most tough questions. It is your responsibility which will help to protect your family from additional expenses or unpleasant situations. When you have an interview with the clinic — ask all required questions, that is my main message.”

    “I really appreciate that Amy is always fighting for the particular dream of the family she works with. There is no word NO for her. She is really passionate and welcome to do her best”

    “To be honest, this feature has been with me from a very young age. And I think it’s one of the reasons why I work in ADONIS, because all of our team have the same belief. It’s really important to explore other options for the best of our couples. We are creative trouble solvers. Because it’s very typical for American Surrogacy, our Intended parents can wait for a couple of years in the waiting list for the Surrogate and, in case of unmatch, they go back to the bottom of the waitlist. That’s why ADONIS has the highest level service — with no waiting lists, we are ready to start the Program just now.”

    “Great, thank you for such an attitude. To sum up the main practices according to your experience is to have a strong support system, to read the small print and to ask tough questions.”

    Definitely you are right!

    “And what are the main practices about biotransport? What are the main points for families who undertake Assisted Reproductive Technologies?”

    “First of all, nowadays, make sure that you had your infectious disease testing around the same time as your embryo creation. It can delay your Infertility Program if you have invalid testing results. 

    Of course, you need to know who is responsible for your bio transport. 

    Because, if you don’t ask such important questions — you can’t know whether your biomaterial is 100% safe. There was an incident when one of the clinics in Spain shipped biomaterial with some postal service. My heart is crushed when I hear such stories. ”

    “Definitely, you are totally right. But what are the first steps when the family is exploring the Fertility world?”

    I recommend people become familiar with different Agencies and Programs — this is really helpful and important. Such a practice will show you the variations and approaches, so you can choose the best one.

    Second one, it is really important to work with someone who has a Program plan. 

    ADONIS Programs are well-developed, our specialists provide an individually adapted treatment plan which is very clear and helpful. You can always see the progress, there are a lot of moving parts (changes according to your request — Surrogacy, embryo creation, IVF, etc.).

    “Right, that’s awesome. And what is about the legal system and parental right regulation? What are the main points that families need to clear out?”

    “Legal system and parental rights regulation is different from country to country. In the USA, for example, the Surrogacy requirement varies even from state to state. 

    Get to know what are the legal establishments in the country where the Surrogacy Program is going to take place.

    Make it clear for yourself when your parental rights enter into force.

    If it’s from the moment of conception — you have a lot more decision making in any medical aspect. If it is you are not considered the parents until the moment of birth, that means your medical decision making is shared amongst a number of people including the Surrogate. It can influence your Surrogacy Program.

    “And what about the Gestational carrier selection for the Surrogate Program?”

    “The main thing I need to mention is that around the world, specifically in North America, the waiting time for the Surrogate is really, really long. ADONIS has its own priority which shortens time of Surrogate selection. 

    It can take from 11 days to 1 month to arrange legal papers and biomaterial receiving. And all of these thanks to the great people we have in the ADONIS system. 

    Then we start matching — we take into account each specific wish and requirement for a Surrogate. 

    ADONIS ‘own Surrogate base includes only completely healthy candidates — medically, psychologically, background.”

    “Thank you so much. What if someone is looking for the IVF Program, what are the main important things?”

    “To get your IVF Program started we really want you to have hormonal testing, pelvic and breast ultrasounds, we want to be efficient and respectful of your treatment process and results.

    It typically takes around a 21-days process, but it depends on a specific Program and examination results.”

    “Right. In conclusion, do you have any guidance for those who are just at the start of the Infertility Program?”

    “We have talked about it a lot, but I’d recommend asking all of the questions and not just assuming. It is really important.”

    “Definitely. There comes a time of holidays. What are your wishes?”

    “ADONIS has influenced my world, first of all. I wish everybody who goes through Infertility treatment to feel the best support and care, and the highest success.”

    Full recording of the webinar you can always watch on our YouTube chanel: