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    ADONIS Assisted Reproductive Technologies

    When the way to long awaited pregnancy is long and problematic, it can cause serious frustration or even anger. A new happy family is not just a dream — it is a reality with the newest technological infertility treatment.  

    No more questions and disturbance to yourself. 

    ADONIS Fertility International provides the best reproductive health and infertility treatment. Numerous advantages in the form of our own Surrogate and Donor base, Cryo bank, Embryo Laboratory and other services which have helped numerous people from the world are available for every person from any point on the map. 23 years of medical experience proves it.   

    The special consultation about Assisted Reproductive Technologies with Fertility specialists will help to clear out all unknown aspects and facts, when you have problems with natural conceiving. Well-developed diagnostic and treatment plan will be selected individually for you with the whole processes conducted at the ADONIS own basis. 

    Assisted Reproductive Technologies and successful baby birth

    Assisted Reproductive Technologies is the best infertility treatment option (in case of the indication of the specialist) for those couples who want to make a strong family with healthy children. 

    In the case of Biological material Donors usage, ADONIS Medical Group of Companies ensures your total safety and confidence. We have our own Donor bank with totally diagnosed and healthy candidates who want to help others delays — you can start the infertility Program immediately. 

    If you are ready to use Egg or Sperm Donors for conceiving, the total awareness about details and processes will make you feel more confident and safe. Your personal coordinator of ADONIS clinic will provide all necessary information — Preparation stage, treatment requirements, process of treatment, etc. We will help you to make the right decision. 

    The main point to know about Infertility treatment using Assisted Reproductive Technologies:

    • Willingness

    The Infertility Program using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (especially when using Egg or Sperm Donation) requires your total readiness to become parents even when there is no opportunity to have the biologically related child to you. It can be a really difficult decision, but you should honestly ask yourself. Make a strong decision to have a happy family with a healthy baby in your hands, even if the child has no genetic ties to you (or to one of the couple). Every decision is important and valuable. 

    • Assisted Reproductive Technologies’ knowledge

    ADONIS Medical Group of Companies ensure the qualitative medical help at every stage of the infertility treatment process — from the diagnostic to successful results. We ensure your total awareness about the treatment stages, conceiving results and health state of you and your future baby. 

     ADONIS own Donor Bank ensures the safest Egg and Sperm Donors who have gone through the multistage diagnostic to be included into our database. Skilled professionals (including ADONIS own Legal Department help) ensure your safety and control over the treatment. The full cycle treatment in ADONIS clinics includes Diagnostics of Fertility, Intrauterine Insemination, Surrogacy (including Surrogacy with Donation), Frozen embryo transfer and Preimplantation Genetic Screening. We are near you through all the stages. 

    • Safety

    The medical base of ADONIS clinics is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Ukrainian legislation in the sphere of Assisted Reproductive Technologies is stable and well regulated. The Donation process is totally anonymous here, so the intended parents have no contact or communication with the donor. Our clients are totally protected by the law and with the support of ADONIS own Legal Department. Our Intended parents have the whole range of rights for the baby from the very beginning of the infertility treatment. Our donors are totally healthy and diagnosed — the highest safety is ensured by ADONIS clinic. 

    • Requirements and wishes

    You need to have the clear picture of your requirements and wishes, especially in case of using Egg or Sperm Donors during infertility treatment. ADONIS clinics and its own Donor base provide the best candidates’ selection — hair color, height, eye color, age, education and experience aspects, ethnicity, case history or genetic bonds — the possibilities for our clients. We can pick up the Donor with almost identical appearance to the Intended Parents (even if they have no biological connection to the child). The choice can be according to personal interests, talents, or personality. ADONIS is always ready to select the most suitable donor candidate for the family. 

    • Affordability

    The financial aspect is one of the most important when we are speaking about family extension. ADONIS Fertility International ensures the most affordable price formation in the sphere of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. The best price/quality ratio exclusively for ADONIS clients

    ADONIS provides the widest range of additional services (Legal help, notarization, translation, personal coordination) which is included into the lowest prices for the Infertility Program. 

    ADONIS Medical Group of Companies will help to change your life fundamentally. Our dedicated work is with the main aim —  your well-being and the best results. ADONIS Infertility Programs are waiting for you!