COVID update from 1st of May 2021 in Ukraine


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    ADONIS would like to provide you with an update on the lockdown situation in Ukraine as of May 1, 2021.

    Kyiv’s shutdown has been lifted, according to the Emergency Situations Commission. Public transportation, in particular, will resume normal service on May 1st, and colleges and universities will reopen on May 5th.

    From May 1st, the following will be in effect:

    • Shops (non-food stores that did not work during the lockdown);
    • Shopping malls;
    • markets, fairs;
    • restaurants, cafes, bars;
    • gyms and fitness centers.

    The Administrative Services Centres will resume operations as well, but visitors will be scheduled via electronic services.

    Educational institutions in Kyiv will start operations on May 5th.

    We want to remind you that we’re taking all possible steps to keep you safe from the coronavirus.

    Keep yourself healthy!