How to Begin the Surrogacy Process in Ukraine Without Leaving Your Home Country


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    It is almost self-evident that we live in uncertain times

    Our lives are no longer the same as they were before COVID. Hyper-precautions for one’s health are an unavoidable part of the modern standard. For many of us, this means international travel is not recommended – and in certain cases, it is outright prohibited.

    Despite the fact that our lives may seem to be somewhat different, people are finding ways to live them in the same way.

    Every day at ADONIS, we communicate with couples who are worried about the pandemic but more excited than ever to start the surrogacy process. We are dedicated to making the dream a reality for them and for you. This has always been our goal, and the new normal hasn’t changed it.

    Surrogacy is, of course, a document difficult procedure, especially at the beginning. In the past, intended parents had to fly to Ukraine to sign surrogacy paperwork in person. However, in the new normal, this condition has been modified. Now, ADONIS will provide you with a power of attorney so you can begin the surrogacy process without ever leaving your home country.

    The words “power of attorney” might cause a few questions to jump to mind, so today, we’d like to take a few minutes to describe how we use power of attorney to empower intended parents, and how we design it to protect them.

    What is power of attorney?

    A power of attorney is a legal document authorizing someone to act as a representative on behalf of another person. In the case of surrogacy with ADONIS, you, as the intended parent, outline exactly when and under which circumstances that person is allowed to act on your behalf.

    With a power of attorney, how do I allow anyone to act on my behalf?

    Once you tell your coordinator at ADONIS that you want to get the surrogacy process started, our legal department will prepare the power of attorney agreement. You review the agreement, and upon your approval, you have it notarized and return it to ADONIS. To make the process even easier for future parents, ADONIS can proceed with surrogacy preparations with only a scan of the documents (although the originals must also be mailed to us).

    What does the representative’s power of attorney cover?

    Even though a power of attorney designates a representative, that representative cannot make any decisions or actions on your behalf without your express written consent. You review documents yourself through DropBox and you direct your representative according to your wishes.

    The term of the power of attorney agreement varies from couple to couple. Usually, ADONIS recommends that the representative retain power of attorney for two years, but the agreement must cover (at minimum) the full nine months of the surrogate’s pregnancy.

    The legal cover of the power of attorney is outlined specifically in the agreement. The documentation states specifically:

    1. what your representative is allowed to do on your behalf;
    2. which documents your representative is allowed to access;
    3. the conditions in which your representative is authorized to act on your behalf;
    4. any other specific authorizations or limitations discussed between you and ADONIS

    If you’re considering using power of attorney to begin the surrogacy process in Ukraine with ADONIS, we suggest having the agreement drafted by ADONIS’ legal department. If you’re having the document written by a third party, make sure to read the scope of authorization before signing it.

    While these are three of the most common questions we see about power of attorney, we at ADONIS are prepared to answer any other questions you have. In these uncertain times, we want to equip you with the insight about surrogacy to make an informed decision, and the confidence that comes with it. If you are considering surrogacy and you would like us to help make your miracle happen, please reach out to us via contact form.