Our new special offer «SURROGACY + Egg Donation. UNLIMITED ATTEMPTS»


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    ADONIS Medical Group is welcoming spring – the time of renewal and flourishing of life.

    It’s an ideal chance to bring new beginnings into this world.

    Meet our new offer “SURROGACY + Egg Donation. UNLIMITED ATTEMPTS”.

    And be ready for a new life in your family! It is a right time too welcome a new life.

    For only 55 000$ you will have all of the following services included:

    All required medical services: all examinations, IVF + ICSI + ED, PGD and others.

    As well as non-medical: selection of Egg Donor (1+ times, if needed), selection of Surrogate Mother (1+ times, if needed), all translation and legalization services.

    Are you dreaming about the surrogacy program with excellent service?

    This special offer is the best choice for you!

    All is included. You just need to sign up and wait for your miracle to happen!