Why you can fully trust ADONIS Fertility International?


Nowadays there is a huge amount of hospitals that are dealing with fertility issues. When you or your family have decided to have a baby and then start struggling about which hospital choose and to what pay attention while you are doing the choice. We are here to let you know more about the ADONIS group of companies.
Let us help you a little and tell why people all over the world trust in ADONIS:
• Our group of companies is in the medical market for over than 23 years;
• Each of our fertility doctors is a star in this field and each of our specialists has more than 15 years of experience;
• All these years we have been helping people to find their happiness and have a baby;
• We have a high percentage of couples who return to us for their second pregnancy;

For example, look into our pregnancy rate for the 2018 years

  • IVF + ICSI (age up to 35 years): 69%
  •  IVF + ICSI (age 35-40): 46%
  • IVF + ICSI (age over 40): 17%
  • Crypotocol (all age groups): 45%
  • IVF + ICSI with ED (all age groups): fresh cycles – 55%, cryo cycles – 51%, average – 53%
  • IVF + ICSI with SD (all age groups): 35%
  •  IVF + ICSI with SM (all age groups): fresh cycles – 60%, cryocycles – 45%, average – 52%
  •  IVF + ICSI with SM&ED (all age groups): fresh cycles – 89%, cryocycles – 56%, average – 72%.

• Very soon we are due to open another maternity hospital, close to the Boryspil airport, and just in a few minutes from the metro station. It is located in a green zone.

• As a result, now you have a new opportunity – to choose a maternity hospital on both the left and right sides of the Dnipro river!

Contact us if you have more questions, and our managers will help you