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    To begin with, thousands of patients from all over the world have already become happy parents with ADONIS FAMILY. From time to time, we receive positive feedbacks and recommendations from our happy patients.

    Our Reproductive Health Clinic was created in May 2012 in order to offer the most qualitative specialized medical care in the field of human reproduction for patients from all over the world.

    As you already know from our previous post, ADONIS IVF Medical Center has its own International Department, which was created especially for working with the foreign patients from all over the world.  It may be very comfortless to go thousands miles from home, without support, knowing only your mother tongue, having fear of the IVF treatment… There are more than 20 workers, who are working closely with each other and our patients. Knowing at least one foreign language and being supportive, we always try to find common language with all patients. Our highly educated and qualified coordinators speak: English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Polish etc.  This is not only knowing of  foreign language, but to be empathetic, to put yourself in the position of others. Every coordinator understands the importance of our role. All responsibilities are reasonably divided for optimization of all processes: providing first information about the program you may have indications for, consultation with the reproductology specialist due to your case, your personal coordination, which includes communication throughout the program.

    In the clinic you will be coordinated by the exact your personal Coordinator of International Department from the first visit and till the very end of your treatment. Coordinator becomes your best friend, who takes the situation as close to heart as you. The International department consists of a few units: Coordination unit, Donation unit, Psychological support and  Surrogate program units. We also work closely with Embryolaboratory, Cryobank and Legal department.

    How do we work?

    • We understand the importance of your decision. We understand your long way to awaited parenthood. We understand how important is for you to feel comfortable. You are the part of our friendly family. Atmosphere of trust and comfort is at your disposal.
    • You are one of us. Your health is the result of our work: our effectiveness and reputation. Individual attentive approach from doctor’s and coordinator’s side is the must.
    • We are a Dream Team! We work together to ensure the best possible safety and well-being of our patients.
    • An environment of compassionate belonging where all are valued and respected.
    • What is important in our work? Honesty, respect, confidentiality, trust and transparency.


    ADONIS FAMILY will help you to have your own happy family with a baby!