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    How to prepare yourself for an IVF program

    Experienced reproductive specialists say that 50% of success of the IVF program depends on the psychological state of the spouses. If you decide to try artificial reproductive technologies, it means you have been dreaming of a baby for years. In vitro fertilization is a difficult step, not only financially, physically, but psychologically. But…You have already decided on this and you are ready to move forward!

    Positive mood

    It is important to overcome your fear and determine the cause of it. You should understand that if nothing works the first time, you should not stop. “There is no absolute infertility”, says Nataliia Vladykina, Chief of Reproductive Health Department.

    Fill your life with bright colors, joyful events and impressions: go to a concert, have a romantic trip or romantic weekend with your husband, re-read your favorite books!

    Another important point to increase the chances of IVF success is trust to doctors. It is important to love yourself, your body, your life, try to find positive features and emotions in everything. Inner harmony is the key to a positive outcome.

    How to prepare to IVF?

    We do not recommend keeping secret from friends and relatives about your plans to carry out in vitro fertilization. Their support and empathy will help you to avoid being depressed and feeling lonely. Being pregnant, loved ones will share your happiness with you! Of course, if they are against, you should not tell about it to avoid an upleasant reaction.

    Decide who will provide you emotional support. It is easier to deal with any situation with loved ones — family and friends. It’s not too wise to tell everyone that you are going to the protocol. Perhaps not all family members will know. Let only really close people go through hardship with you. Another powerful source of support is specialized forums where women communicate using different information about assisted reproductive technologies.


    At the consultation, the doctor will definitely recommend you to prepare your body for a possible pregnancy (Doctor will definitely recommend you to prepare your body for a possible pregnancy at the consultation). A few months before the start of treatment, you need to modify your life schedule:

    • abandon all bad habits;

    • correctly distribute your physical activity;

    • review your diet.

    During this period, you can not be on the rigid unbalanced diets. You need to consume nutritious food to get enough vitamins. It would be nice to focus on proteins: chicken and other lean meat, eggs, fish, cheese. Use a food steamer for cooking or bake them in the oven. Try not to add a lot of salt to food.

    If you are preparing for the procedure in the summer, you have at your disposal a huge amount of fresh fruits and vegetables. (You are lucky If you are preparing for the procedure in the summer. You have a huge amount of fresh fruits and vegetables at your disposal.) Don’t abuse potatoes, beans, cabbage and corn — these foods can cause gastrointestinal problems. Do not go easy on sweets, flour products, fatty and spicy food, fried meat, seasonings.

    What should I avoid while preparing for IVF?

    The following should be best discarded or minimized:

      • stressful situations;

      • smoking and drinking;

      • hot tub and sauna;

      • hypothermia.

    Note that despite the abundance of information about IVF on the internet, your doctor should be your main source of knowledge and recommendations.

    What should I take into account?

    It’s better to study in advance how exactly you can cope with stress and develop your own system. There are different approaches to consciousness-based therapy for IVF: visualization, hypnosis, meditation, or the technique of emotional release (acupuncture without needles). Every significant medical manipulation has its own session — it can be either a lesson with a psychologist specializing in the methods of this therapy, or a specially arranged video or audio series with detailed instructions. You can get acquainted with them in the English-language part of the Internet.

    IVF Protocol is an emotionally colored event. Psychological preparation for IVF is an important step towards achieving the goal of having a baby. By going to the protocol with the right attitude, you will avoid stress and unnecessary worries. There are enough of them in life.

    To sum up saying by me, I would like to notice about psychological support in ADONIS Medical Center. Our highly qualified psychology specialists will help you to find peace of mind and position yourself to lucky awaited parenthood.