Egg donation in Ukraine


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    To begin with, Egg donation  is one of the most wide spread service in the field of reproductive medicine. Many factors are contributing to it: genetic pathologies, early low ovarian reserve, non-reproductive age. From day to day more and more women are facing the questions: “Could I use egg donation? How does eggs donation process look like? Need I draw my attention to eggs donation risks? Actually, are there any ones?” Let’s shed some light on these and other important questions.

    Firstly, IVF procedure is nowadays recognized as one of the high-tech methods of infertility treatment. It is used in many reproductive programs, including using donor’s eggs. Egg donation is fully legalized in Ukraine and carried out in the presence of relevant documentation. Also, woman should have medical indication to receive treatment with the help  of oocytes donation.

    Eggs donation process consists of such steps:

    • selection of the best Ukrainian egg donor candidate due to the phonotypical characteristics of a couple;
    • synchronization of menstrual cycles or controlled stimulation of the ovaries in the previous cycle with the subsequent fertilization with the patient’s husband or donor’s sperm and freezing of the embryos;
    • preparation of the recipient for the transfer of thawed embryos in the planned menstrual cycle;
    • In vitro techniques, ICSI of sperm (according to indications);
    • doctor’s observation of the oocyte donor before the beginning of the next menstruation (about 2 weeks), expected by the cycle of oocyte donor;
    • donor’s oocytes may be frozen for further use.

    Egg donation risks

    Egg donation risks can occur in case of insufficient donor’s examination. According to Ukrainian law, there are some basic requirements for an egg donor:

    • age from 18 to 36 years;
    • presence of own healthy child;
    • absence of negative phenotypic manifestations;
    • no bad habits;
    • no genetic and chronic diseases of the Egg Donor and her family;
    • satisfactory somatic health;
    • absence of contraindications for participation in Egg Donation Program.

    Besides of them, in Ukraine egg donors have to pass obligatory medical examination. We also provide genetic screening to every candidate for Karyotype, DNA diagnosis of cystic fibrosis and DNA diagnostics syndrome Martin-Bell or fragile X-chromosome.

    In a short, Egg donation process in Ukraine is very clear, easy and fast. Egg donation in Ukraine is usually anonymous. Donor has no rights for the child and get no data of the recipients who used her eggs.

    As Ukrainian Egg Donors are young and healthy ladies, — this fertility treatment is very effective. Egg donation success rates are high enough: more than 60%. During the years of providing fertility treatment we have thousands of IVF with donor eggs success stories.

    Egg donation cost and time frames

    Egg Donation cost is acceptable in Ukraine not only financially but organizationally as well. There are no time limits to select and egg donor in Ukraine. Even more, Ukraine has no age restrictions for fertility treatment with the use of egg donation. That means, that once clients chose the candidate – ADONIS starts the egg donation process.

    Egg donor database in ADONIS consists of more than 300 of healthy young women, having at least one own healthy child. Each of candidate is ready to participate in IVF program immediately just after chosen by clients. Ukrainian egg donors have unique set of genes. Here, patient can choose any phenotype he/she prefers: for the fair-skinned blue-eyed blonde girl till brown-haired middle-skinned with brown eyes candidate.

    It is worth to draw an attention that Egg Donation success rates always depend equally either on the egg quality or on the sperm quality of woman’s partner. From our, Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY side, we guarantee young and healthy donors. Not every time patients were sure that they were choosing the right way, but every time we convinced them otherwise. We understand the seriousness of this step.

    Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center ADONIS FAMILY provides highly qualified reproductive treatment for years and is able to deal the most complicated medical cases.

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