Surrogacy in Ukraine


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    Surrogacy in Ukraine

    Surrogacy is an arrangement supported by a legal agreement, whereby a woman (the surrogate mother) carries the pregnancy and births a child for another person, who will become the parents of the child. As for many people, it’s the only way to become a parent and complete own family –Surrogacy became very common, nowadays. Round the globe women have a lot of reasons to obtain this kind of help and the most important is the fact that regardless of the reason for using Surrogate motherhood, – medicine is able to provide this kind of Assisted Reproductive Technology in a proper way.

    Legal aspects of Surrogacy in Ukraine

    Surrogacy in Ukraine is legalized since 2009 and is considered to be provided for officially married heterosexual couples. So, let’s talk more detailed about Ukraine’s requirements for Surrogacy.

    First of all, the biological mother should have medical reasons to use Surrogacy, such as:

    • absence of the uterus (congenital or acquired);
    • deformation of the cavity or cervix in case of congenital malformations or as a result of surgeries, benign tumors in which it is impossible to bear pregnancy;
    • untreatable structural-morphological or anatomical changes of the endometrium, leading to loss of receptivity, cecal cavity of the uterus;
    • severe somatic diseases in which pregnancy can endanger future health or life of the woman but does not affect the health of the future child;
    • unsuccessful repeated attempts of ART (4 and more times) with the repeated obtaining of high quality embryos, the transfer of which didn’t lead to the pregnancy.

    Ukrainian Surrogacy law allows only gestational surrogacy, whereby surrogate mother has no genetic relation with the child. Also, at least one from a spouse must have genetic link with the baby. Namely, one or the other can be used in case of Surrogacy: sperm or egg donation.  For example, if oocyte donation is used for a spouse – biological material of a third woman will be used, but not surrogate mother’s.

    An obligatory condition due to Surrogacy law in Ukraine is the presence of a notarial agreement between a surrogate mother and spouse.

    Surrogate mother must have at least one own healthy child, that is confirmed by the certificate of birth of the child. Prior the participation, she passes strict medical examination, must be approved by a doctor, confirming her ability to carry the pregnancy and to birth a child.

     Ukrainian Surrogacy benefits

    • There are no age restrictions for Surrogacy treatment under Ukrainian legislation. Surrogate motherhood in Ukraine is allowed to every adult patient, who can receive necessary help and become a parent at any age.
    • Names of biological parents are written in the birth certificate and they are the only one, who has rights for the child. Moreover, there is no mention of surrogate mother in the birth certificate and she has no rights for the child she born, even in case of any force-majeure situations.
    • Both types of Surrogate motherhood are allowed in Ukraine: commercial or altruistic.
    • Comparing Ukrainian Surrogacy cost with other countries, — Surrogacy in Ukraine is much more cheaper, despite the fact that we have international grade of quality of services and high pregnancy rates according to the worldwide standards.  So, cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine is one more persuasive influential factor.

     Advantages of Surrogacy treatment in ADONIS

    • We are not only Ukraine’ Surrogacy clinic, – ADONIS FAMILY is a part of Medical Group of Companies ADONIS, which has been providing medical treatment since 1997, so that we have the best specialists in the field of human reproduction. We work only with highly qualified fertility specialists and embryologists, who are ongoing members of International and Internal Conferences and Congresses of Reproductive Medicine.
    • Having newly equipped embryo laboratory, we have high success rates and provide quality medical treatment for patients from all over the world.
    • ADONIS Medical Center has been providing fertility treatment for many years sticking with Ukrainian Surrogacy Law. Our team of lawyers, having 20-years experience in medical law, provide legal support throughout  Surrogacy program. Legal consultants prepare documents for baby’s registration for Ukrainian Registry Office due to the legal aspects of Surrogacy in Ukraine, and Embassy, taking into account its requirements, which depends on the citizenship of clients and changes from case to case.
    • Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine is more interesting than in USA, Canada and other countries. ADONIS offers Surrogacy treatment under acceptable cost, providing motivation and discounts system. Clients get discounts for prenatal care, childbirth and even pediatric observation. So, Surrogacy cost in Ukraine is acceptable to every couple.
    • Own database of healthy, young  and responsible surrogate mothers, previously examined and approved by our doctors.
    • Personal foreign-speaking coordinator, who speaks on the comfortable for client language. This person supports and accompanies clients throughout their journey to happy parenthood and makes the process goes smoothly and fast.

    As a conclusion of all mentioned upper, we would like to say that any fertility diagnosis is a hopeless case. Stop saying “tomorrow” to yourself  and ask for a qualified fertility help at ADONIS! We are one of the best Surrogacy clinics in Ukraine.

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